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About me


Hello and Welcome!

Originally from the woods of Connecticut, I am an avid outdoorswoman with several decades of experience hiking and exploring the Tri-State area and Hudson valley with my pups. I have recently returned to Brooklyn after taking a sabbatical out west, dedicating five months of my life to hiking and spending time in the wilderness with my young dog, Oliver. Together, we explored trails all throughout: Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon, North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. During this time, I trained Oliver to be the perfect hiking companion, and watched as my city-raised pup thrived physically, mentally, and emotionally with regular access to the great outdoors. It was during that time it became my mission to share this type of wilderness experience with more NYC pups!


Large scale app based dog-walking services have inadequate vetting/background check processes, and I understand the immediate need in our city for more qualified, insured, caring individual pet services. As a responsible dog mama myself, I prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all the dogs in my life and in my care. 

Insured & Bonded. Certified in dog CPR/First Aid. Certified Dog Handler. 



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